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Escherichia coli (Migula 1895) Castellani and Chalmers 1919

Taxonomy in NCBI database: Bacteria; Proteobacteria; Gammaproteobacteria; Enterobacteriales; Enterobacteriaceae.

1649T <-- Y. Kosako 82039 <-- R. Sakazaki <-- ATCC 11775 <-- NCTC 9001 <-- F. Kauffmann U 5/41.
Accessioned in 1982.
=ATCC 11775 =BCRC 10675 =CCM 5172 =CCUG 24 =CCUG 29300 =CECT 515 =CGMCC 1.2993 =CIP 54.8 =DSM 30083 =IAM 12119 =KCTC 2441 =LMG 2092 =NBRC 102203 =NCDO 1989 =NCIMB 11943 =NCTC 9001 =VTT E-94564.
Type strain [596].
Biosafety level 2.
Medium: 12, 22;  Temperature: 37°C; Rehydration fluid: 663.

Source: Urine [639].
Biochemistry/Physiology: [478].
Serotype: O1:K1:H7 [639].
G+C (mol%): 49.2 (Tm) [182].
Phylogeny: 16S rRNA gene (X80725), gyrB (AB083821).
More information: Pathogenic to chickens [639].
NCBI Taxonomy ID: 562.
Genomic DNA is available from RIKEN BRC-DNA Bank: JGD 12168.

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Delivery category: Domestic, A or C; Overseas, A or C.
Viability and purity assays of this product were performed at the time of production as part of quality control. The characteristics and/or functions of the strain appearing in the catalogue are based on information from the corresponding literature and JCM does not guarantee them.
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